The need for high quality, long-term storage of professional photos has spurred the development of a long-life disc. The MAM Gold Archive Grade™ DVD is designed for applications requiring long-term storage of sensitive data, video or music files. The reflective layer is comprised of 24 karat gold, which allows maximum resistance to chemical breakdown -- one of the major causes of disc failure. Along with choosing the right recording dye material and bonding agent (Note: A DVD-R is made of two polycarbonate discs bonded together) the long-term stability of the reflective layer is crucial. Reflective layers using your standard “silver” surface are subject to oxidation (rust) over a long period of exposure to moisture. Unlike silver jewelry, a gold ring won't rust and neither will the gold reflective layer in this disc. In optical discs, the use of gold can triple the life of a standard disc.

Preliminary tests show that the MAM Gold Archive Grade™ DVD can last significantly longer than ordinary silver recordable DVD discs. Although tests are currently underway and results will soon be available, we can assume from our experience with gold layer CD-R that the expected life of these discs will be similar. The MAM DVD is offered as the long awaited companion to the MAM Archive Grade™ Gold CD-R, which has an expected lifetime of 300 years and has earned a reputation as the highest quality storage media available today.

Posted: Fri - June 24, 2005 at 03:05 PM