Press Release: Kiosk Logix Announces Printer Support Agreement with Lexmark International, Inc.

Kiosk Logix, a member of the Wireless Logix Group, today announced an agreement with Lexmark International, Inc., to provide kiosk support for Lexmark's multi-function printer range.
"We are delighted to announce our partnership with Lexmark International, and look forward to combining our efforts to enable enhanced functionality at kiosks and business centers worldwide," says Kevin Mathison, chief technical officer, Kiosk Logix.

Under the new partnership arrangement, PCs running Kiosk Logix's Netstop kiosk-browser software can be fully integrated with Lexmark's multi-function printing device model x422. This enables printing, copying, and faxing from a single source in both business-centre and stand-alone kiosk environments.
"If you want to send a fax from a hotel, you usually have to go to the front desk. This technology changes all that by allowing companies to offer all their faxing, printing and copying services from a single location. This combination of Netstop's payment collection technology and Lexmark's x422 provides a much-needed solution in a cost-effective and elegant manner," says Mathison.
Netstop services can be paid for by credit card or cash. The software can also generate unique user pin numbers to provide security and value for users. NetStop is also able to interact with Lexmark's model C510 laser color printer and charge appropriately for black or color copying and printing.
"Traditionally, smaller business centers have not been able to afford a stand-alone, pay-per-use, copier and fax machine because the costs have been prohibitive. Our system costs considerably less than other solutions currently on the market, it enhances the functionality available to users, and it increases the number of revenue streams available to business centers that use our technology. Besides being a feature rich solution, Netstop's high level of stability ensures the business is always up and running," Mathison adds.
Kiosk Logix expects to implement this new functionality across 500 sites over the next six months.
About Kiosk Logix
A key member of the Wireless Logix group of companies, Kiosk Logix is the preferred choice for secure kiosk browser software. Our Netstop software has established the highest industry standards for functionality, reliability and ease of use in self-service, pay-per-use and information dispensing applications. Netstop is used in kiosks worldwide by; Retail, Hospitality, Credit Unions, Governments Gaming Industry, Human Resources, Entertainment Companies, Travel & Tourism Agencies, Banks, Financial Institutions, Hospitals & Healthcare Providers.
About The Wireless Logix Group
The privately held, Fort Lauderdale headquartered, Wireless Logix Group comprises of 8 companies including Wave3Software Inc (high-end IP/SIP based audio and video conferencing solutions), DataScan Technologies Inc (enterprise WLAN and Wi-Fi enabled inventory management and automatic intelligent data collection (AIDC) solutions), V Link Solutions Inc (managed back end services for Wi-Fi connectivity, voice communications solutions), V Link Hospitality Technologies Inc (applications for housekeeping in hospitality and healthcare), Kiosk Logix Inc (kiosk software and services), Database Solutions Group (custom software development services) and Yodel Enterprises Inc (city wide Wi-Fi connectivity services). The group has an impressive customer list of marquee clients such as Hilton Hotels, Princess Cruise Lines, Travel Centers of America , Exxon Mobil, Harley Davidson etc.

Posted: Tue - June 28, 2005 at 09:59 PM