Press Release: Ricoh Caplio R2S Digital Camera

The digital camera has expanded also the utilization scene with business attendant upon the spread. New product Ricoh Caplio R2S is the digital camera which loads the numerous convenient function which is specialized in use with business. Especially, the color laser printer - with as for cooperation function, power is shown in improvement of work flow of the customer.  

Main features of the Ricoh Caplio R2S 
1. The Ricoh color laser printer - with with cooperation, colorful function is shown. 
  If the printer which corresponds to the PictBridge the direct print with USB connection is possible. 
  Furthermore, the Ricoh high-speed color laser printer - with by the fact that you connect the " IPSiO CX9800/8800 ", the colorful print which is useful to the improvement of efficiency of business through the personal computer, possibility. 1 Print of summary type is possible. After photographing, directly, with the group of people a photographing leak and the like verification possibility. 
2 It is possible to print in the accounting table form which such as report to the IPSiO and circulation document is registered. The accounting table selects from liquid crystal indication of the camera. 
3 Camera memo function (feature 4 reference) with by the fact that it combines, also printing the camera memo is possible at the time of each accounting table print. 

2. It is possible to start the camera at optional command. 
  At the time of power source throwing because it is possible, to start always in the same state, convenience to the case where there is many a thing which photographs under identical conditions with such as utilization with business. In addition, sharing with the group of people, when photographing under identical conditions is required even, you show power. 
  The function which you can keep is as follows. Zoom position, scene mode, focusing position, photographing idea contest enlargement and DISP mode (other than synchronizer monitoring), connected copying, exposure revision and white balance, picture quality * size, focusing and photometry system, ISO sensitivity, sharp Ness, depth of color, long time exposure and date inserting photographing, flash, macro and letter density, slow shutter speed limit, animated picture size, animated picture frame rate and size (letter) 

3. Without the private software it has initialized the mass storage function which can take in the picture to the personal computer. 
  The camera and the personal computer the USB just are connected, recognize the camera as the external memory unit. 
  The picture of the camera is taken in to the personal computer, without using the private software, possibility. 
  Such as office it shares uses with plural ones and satellite office and the school which have the introduction restriction of the new software the personal computer, validity to the kind of environment which. 
  Also change use of the one shot transfer which used the private software is possible. 
* Mass storage is corresponding after the Microsoft Windows 2000 and the after the MaccOs 9.0. 

4. It is convenient to searching and rearranging the photograph, " camera memo function " is loaded. 
  In order to be able to classify the mass picture which was photographed with the business scene and the like easily, it adds text information or audio information to the individual graphics file, as the meta data it loads camera memo function. 
  Classification taking in the item list which was drawn up beforehand with personal computer to the camera, when photographing besides the fact that it is possible, to select from that list, input with the alphanumeric is possible with the camera itself. 

5. It corresponds to the cable switch of option. 
  Outside you connect by way of the USB using the shutter, directly without touching the camera, it is possible to cut the shutter, it corresponds to the cable switch. The case where such as photographing at the time of macro the shutter is pushed it is possible to prevent the blurring of the delicate camera. 

6. The popular basic function which is complete is loaded with the " Caplio R2 ". 
  1 4.8 time wide zoom lens is loaded onto barely the 25.8mm thick body. 
  At the time of lens receipt with the individual mechanism " リトラクティングレンズシステム " which lets escape the portion of the lens group outside the camera cone, loading and the thin-shaped body of 4.8 time wide zoom lens of 28 - the 135mm compatibility. 
  2 Being highest, release time lag and the like of 0.06 seconds it actualizes the response which is superior. 
  After release time lag (pushing the shutter button when the focusing lock is not used, lag of time to start of exposure), being highest, 0.06 seconds it actualizes the high-speed characteristic which is said. 
  After when it is focused is locked (state of the shutter semi- pushing) with pushing the shutter also lag of time to start of exposure being highest, 0.003 seconds high speed. 
  Starting time approximately 0.8 seconds (measurable quantity at time of flash OFF), photographing interval approximately 1.0 seconds high speed. 
  3 While loading the large-sized liquid crystal, long time photographing is possible. 
  While loading the large-sized liquid crystal, at the time of リチャージャブルバッテリー utilization of standard attachment, with CIPA standard approximately 500 calls long time photographing is possible. 
  Approximately 200 (CIPA standard) photographing is possible even with the single three type alkaline electric batteries. 10001 リチャージャブルバッテリー doing to be cut off charge, be able to procure easily, relief. (At the time of single three shape alkaline electric battery use of Matsushita electric battery industrial corporation make) 
  The AC adapter which is convenient to photographing in the interior (option) with it adjusts, corresponds to the power source of 3 types. 
  4 2.5 With loading the large-sized liquid crystal of type, the operativity which is superior is actualized. 
  It loads the large-sized liquid crystal of easy to see 2.5 types. 
  As with maximum of 15 divisions focusing precision is raised with range, adjusts focusing to some point, on the liquid crystal indicatory possibility. It prevents the fact that focusing is agreeable to the unexpected object. 
  To utilize the large picture, simultaneously when playing back 12 photographs indicatory possibility. In addition while verifying the photograph front and back, as much as 3 picture indications which sending * you can reset are possible. 
  5 502 ten thousand pixel CCD and the high picture quality by the individual image processing processor are actualized. 
  Loading 502 ten thousand pixel CCD with the image processing processor " smooth imaging engine " of new development, it actualizes the high picture quality which is superior in descriptive power. The same processor, contributes to also the improvement and economical electrical conversion of image processing speed. 
  6 The convenient function only of Ricoh such as macro function of established reputation is loaded. 
  Getting near to the shortest 1 cm, it loads the macro mode which it can photograph. Furthermore it is possible to adjust focus to optional subject inside composition, with " AF target locomotive function ". 
  Exposure revision and white balance, the high-level setting such as ISO sensitivity modification can be done quickly, it equips the operativity which is superior e.g., the " adjustment button " is loaded.  
Source: Mobile Whack (Press Release Translated from Japanese to English) 

Posted: Thu - June 30, 2005 at 09:31 AM