Press Release: Océ goes super-wide-format with JETi

Océ South Africa is pleased to introduce the Gandinnovations JETi range of super-wide-format solvent inkjet printers to the South African market.

The JETi range features unique components such as the new Spectra printheads that are designed to handle larger pigment particles, which allows great colour saturation while maintaining production speeds and resulting in vibrant colours.

Other components include Mesh Adaptors, an ink by-ass system, a smooth ink flow, intuitive user interface, Hi and Low vaccum systems, an advanced material handling system and a unique power supply system.

The JETi 3300 printer offers four colour/six colour combination and 300/600dpi resolution with speeds in six colour at 45 square metres per hour.

The JETi 3300DS is a dye sublimation printer for textile transfer printing and direct to fabric printing at up to 60 square metres per hour.

* Prints bright colours and clean graphics on polyester-based fabrics.
* Colours stay bright and are permanent, even after months of wear and tear.
* Vivid colours will not wash out, even outdoors.
* Double process, using heat laminating press, does not delay production but gives excellent durable graphics.

Posted: Thu - July 7, 2005 at 10:08 AM