Press Release: LaCie Presents mini Hard Drive: Apple Mac mini Companion

LaCie introduces a perfect companion for the Apple® Mac mini: the LaCie mini drive with up to 250GB capacity and either FireWire or USB interfaces. LaCie mini drive can be used to back up the Mac mini hard drive, add storage capacity, or easily transfer files to another computer with the same interface. Its unique four-corner crown fits exactly underneath Mac mini to create a stable, symbiotic harmony. 

“LaCie mini is a perfect addition for anyone with a new Apple Mac mini. Extra storage will allow you the freedom to store more photos, videos, music and files than before,” says Olivier Mirloup, LaCie Senior Product Manager. “With its compact aluminum design the stackable LaCie mini perfectly complements Mac mini while also being stylish enough to use with any other computer.” 
LaCie mini drive was engineered to allow for a natural cooling airflow to move between itself and Mac mini, which keeps both drives cool and safe while in operating mode. The crown is an important element that prevents the drives from directly touching, thus avoiding the danger of overheating. 
LaCie mini drives offer convenient plug-and-play operation and no drivers are required for use with Mac OS X and Windows 2000/XP. FireWire LaCie mini drives are daisy-chainable with other FireWire devices. Several drives can be stacked offering the flexibility of adding even more capacity while preserving desk space.
• 80-250GB with 7200rpm, 2MB or 8MB cache 
• Choice of FireWire or Hi-Speed USB 2.0 ports 
• Stackable for adding more capacity when needed 
• Compact and sleek design 
• Ultra-quiet operation, just plug-and-play 
• Driver-free for Mac OS X and Windows XP/2000
LaCie mini drive FireWire version is available immediately from the Apple Online and US Apple Retail Stores and both versions will be available worldwide through all LaCie channels beginning September. Drives ship with all necessary cables and Silverkeeper backup software for Mac OS 9.x and Mac OS X. For more information, visit

300996U LaCie mini Hard Drive FireWire 80GB
300997U LaCie mini Hard Drive FireWire 160GB
300998U LaCie mini Hard Drive FireWire 250GB
300992U LaCie mini Hard Drive USB 80GB
300993U LaCie mini Hard Drive USB 160GB
300994U LaCie mini Hard Drive USB 250GB  

Posted: Mon - July 11, 2005 at 05:42 PM