Review: Canon Pixma iP90

Like the popular i70 and i80 models before it, the Canon Pixma iP90 is a sleek, lightweight, go-anywhere portable inkjet printer that creates full-size documents and colour graphics, as well as 4in. by 6in. colour photographs. Thanks to built-in PictBridge and infrared (IrDA) ports, you can print directly from your digital camera, handheld or mobile phone without a computer. You can also add Bluetooth functionality, a battery, or a power adapter for your car. However, even one add-on brings the £199 (inc. VAT) iP90 up to the £252.62 (inc. VAT) price of the mobile HP DeskJet 450wbt, which already has Bluetooth capability. But if you're looking for a speedy printer that can work in cars, hotels and airports, the Canon iP90 beats the HP 450wbt on speed, plus it offers a PictBridge port so you can print a snapshot straight from a digital camera.

Source: ZDNet UK

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Posted: Fri - July 15, 2005 at 09:40 AM