Digital textiles: Creating a rick rack pillow

Find out how a digital diva uses her scanner to create this pillow.

Scanner (HP 4670)
Computer (HP Compaq Presario V2140CA)
Colour Inkjet Printer (HP Photosmart 8450)
Something to scan (a rickrack collage -- made of a piece of cardboard, some carpet tape and rickrack -- was used for this craft)
Scanning software that came with your scanner such as HP Image Zone
Image Editing Software such as Windows Paint (which comes with a PC), or Adobe Photoshop Elements
Printable Inkjet Fabric (used Inkjet Printing Print on Cotton)
Plain fabric 16 1/2 " X16 1/2 "

Source: Canadian Living

Posted: Wed - August 3, 2005 at 03:55 AM