Horne moves to digital printer sales

Paper merchant Robert Horne is set to start selling digital printers. The PaperLinx company has become the first UK paper merchant to supply printing hardware. It has launched Digital Solutions, a sales and support initiative from its Sign and Display division which incorporates A&P Display, Cox Plastics and Paragon Imaging Materials.

Rivals applauded the move. Premier Paper marketing development manager Anthony Paul said: “Robert Horne has got the distribution to make it work so it makes sense for it to extend its offering. However, the technology and expertise will come down to individual response.”
Premier Paper is currently setting up its own division selling substrates for digital printing. Digital Solutions general manager Clint Green said it was, however, unlikely that any other UK merchants would follow suit. “Other companies haven’t got the revenue into the graphic arts market that we’ve got,” he said.
Robert Horne’s key strategic partners in the initiative are Roland, Vutek, Agfa and Seal Graphics. Mr Green said these companies were chosen for their combination of strength of products and company. “The manufacturers we are working with are market leaders in their respective segments, just as Robert Horne leads the market in the independent supply of consumables and substrates.”
Mr Green predicted that around 250 printers will be sold through Digital Solutions per annum. He would not be drawn on the cut Robert Horne would receive from each sale but said its earnings would depend on the software and consumables purchased alongside the hardware. “Nobody really makes money from hardware anymore,” he said. “We will make a small profit from printer sales but most of our money comes from the consumables.
Source: DotPrint

Posted: Wed - August 10, 2005 at 05:59 PM