Photoshop Tip: Richard Avedon Style Black And White Duotones

To achieve the look of a Richard Avedon photo, follow this technique from the PhotoshopHelp Blog.

Convert your RGB file to Grayscale mode.
Choose Image> Mode> Grayscale.
The file is converted to a black and white.
Choose Image> Mode> Duotone.
The Duotone Options dialog box appears.
Click the Type: dropdown menu to select whether to represent your image with one ink (monotone), 2 inks (duotone), 3 inks (tritone) or 4 four inks (quadtone). We'll start by making a simple duotone using some of the pre-sets Adobe has provided.
Select Duotone.
By default your Duotone will consist of two inks, black and white.
Click the Load button to load one of the pre-sets that have been provided.
The Load dialog box appears.
Double-click the Duotones folder to open it.
Double-click the Grey-Black Duotones folder to open it.
Double-click any of the .ado files to load any one of the two ink sets.
Using Duotones you can experiment with cooler and warmer ink sets which will yield richer prints with more depth and character.

Posted: Tue - August 16, 2005 at 08:16 AM