Press Release: Digital Camera Users Unaware of Need for Safekeeping their Efforts

A recent digital imaging study has revealed that many photographers are unaware of the need to archive their work. According to the study released by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), nearly 50 percent of all camera users shoot billions of pictures a year on a digital camera, but only 48 percent backup all or most of their images.

Lexar Media has simplified the solution for such photographer’s needs, whether a pro, semi-pro or simply a weekend warrior. Photo Mechanic is a program that facilitates organizing and managing hundreds or even thousands of photos at a time. Photo Mechanic is a workflow tool that assists in weeding out the preferred photos from a batch and allows very rapid browsing through a day’s or week’s images. 

There’s a multithreaded architecture that works in the background of the program during search and sort, keeping ahead of the flow. Viewing originals full screen, comparing shots side by side, deleting and tagging photos while watching a slide show is possible, plus sorting into multiple folders. 

Having a backup routine for storing pictures is vital in this day of digital filing. With the threat of viruses, software and hardware malfunctions and hard drive crashes routine, the possibility of loss of data is severe. In earlier years, families would keep negatives on file for as many as forty or fifty years. With just one step in Photo Mechanic, photographers can grab images from a card, flatten the file hierarchy, create backup on a separate disk, and open a contact sheet. 

Award-winning professional digital photographer, David Mc Cullough, has another potential use for Photo Mechanic, “If you like photography and want to get better at it my advice is to keep a scrapbook of shots you have taken and what you did when you took the shot. The ability to produce a consistent and repeatable result is one of the foundations of being a professional. It isn't enough to be able to take a shot, look at the back of the camera to see if it came out and adjust the exposure if necessary.”

“A key part of professionalism is knowing how to get the shot in different kinds of situations and under various conditions. And, the fastest way to improve your skill and your confidence is to keep an archive of shots you have done with notes on how each shot was done and the results.” 

Photo Mechanic has all the tools to create this type of notebook. 
The Samy’s website offers a wealth of information about how to choose a digital camera, all the latest photographic equipment including accessories, lighting and computer components to ensure you have everything you need to capture those special images and archive digital photos.

Posted: Tue - August 23, 2005 at 04:22 PM