Digitally Clean and Zoom Pictures in Pro Quality

August 24, 2005 -- Stratopoint Software has recently released Cleanerzoomer 3.0, the new version of their award-winning image processing tool that combines the professional image cleaning, enlarging and color/brightness processing abilities in the one low-cost solution ($35/E25).

Besides the new features and changes, the new version of Cleanerzoomer introduces the new professional version mode suitable for advanced users and commercial applications. For additional info about the two licensing options visit

Cleanerzoomer is the high-quality digital image processing tool that has been made with an intention to make a toolbox for fixing a diversity of digital artifacts: photo (low ISO) noise, JPEG blocks and ringing, hot pixels, etc. Such artifacts may exist in low-megapixel digital photos, especially those made in dark conditions, in heavily compressed JPEG files, Internet graphics; these artifacts become highly visible when it comes to quality printing or editing of such images. Another problem comes out when small images are being enlarged: their sharpness degrades and even previously razor-sharp edges become rather blurry.

Cleanerzoomer offers several professional functions for solving these problems: Auto-balance for fully-automatic fixing of color and brightness disbalance, Noise/JPEG Artifacts Removal for cleaning photo noise and JPEG blocks, Fine Artifacts Removal for cleaning JPEG fringes, hot pixels and dust, Resample for changing image size and Weighted Sharpen, integrated with Resample, for making blurry objects' edges sharp and natural. All these functions also have a plenty of additional uses because of the great number of advanced parameters and settings. Beginners might appreciate the customizable presets and compacted parameters that are able to greatly ease all tasks.

Cleanerzoomer can fit the needs of digital photographers, web-designers, media graphics designers, publishing houses as well as photo and graphics amateurs of all kinds.

For the free trial version of Cleanerzoomer and additional info visit


Posted: Wed - August 24, 2005 at 08:54 AM