Press Release: Datacolor Launches Spyder TV at IFA 2005

Datacolor, an internationally known name in color technology, launches its latest and most exciting innovation in color calibration, SpyderTV, at the IFA - an international consumer electronics fair in Berlin on September 2, 2005. The Datacolor Booth is located in Hall 26B which is dedicated to home solutions and the complete gamut of television and entertainment. According to Christoph Gamper, European General Manager for the ColorVision business unit of Datacolor, “IFA provides the perfect venue to showcase his company’s latest entries into the retail and consumer markets. “This biennial fair is the most important show in Europe, so it offers the perfect opportunity to introduce SpyderTV.

Spyder TV showcased at IFA 2005
This product is our latest innovation in color calibration. It puts color science easily and effortlessly in the hands of consumers to ensure them of a quality outcome. That’s the ultimate goal of all our products showcased at IFA - ensuring customer satisfaction with digital media through accurate color. The convergence taking place in the industry creates a greater need for our products than ever before,” Gamper notes.

Improving picture quality
SpyderTV is a new product that targets one of the fastest growing markets in consumer electronics worldwide - home cinema - by significantly improving picture quality. The hardware device scientifically measures contrast, brightness, color, tint and color temperature pre-sets as the wizard-driven software fine-tunes settings for consumers’ specific systems. The results can be dramatic as owners participate in each critical correction and witness the stunning clarification of images on screen, right before their eyes. It is the first product that takes the guesswork out of improving home cinema displays.

ColorFacts Professional 6.0
Home cinema installation specialists have the opportunity to view the latest color calibration designed for them as well at IFA this year The newest upgrade, ColorFacts Professional 6.0 is an integrated hardware and software bundle designed to calibrate and correct color on plasma, LCD and wide screen TV’s for video images. “ The ColorFacts Professional line of products has been developed specifically for high-end home theater custom design and installation specialists”, states Mark Hunter, TDirector for Datacolor Home Theatre Products. IFA attendees can see a demo of the product at the Pioneer-Europe Booth No.180 in Hall 9.

ColorVision Spyder 2 technology
SpyderTV is based on the company’s award winning ColorVision Spyder 2 technology. Introduced at Photokina in Köln, Germany last year for digital photofinishers and professional photographers. The same technology has yielded two new entries in the family of products, ColorVision ColorPlus and ColorVision Spyder 2 Plus. These hardware/software bundled products for consumer electronic retailers are also on display at IFA 2005.

Datacolor ColorPlus - Entry-level screen color-correcting
ColorPlus, an entry-level screen color-correcting product ensures accurate monitor color for digital camera enthusiasts. It offers sophisticated easy-to-use color tools for professional looking images, on screen. This compatible hardware color sensor corrects CRT, LCD and notebook monitors for accurate, reliable and consistent color - day-to-day and image-to-image - so that colors look their best and brightest. It produces a wider range of colors, better flesh tones, more defined shadows and realistic highlights. Users save time, ink and paper by printing photos with less trial and error. With ColorPlus, consumers can now use the same tools as the pros to make images studio quality. Visitors also can learn more about Spyder 2 Plus. The Digital Darkroom in a Box. This integrated hardware and software solution for MAC and Windows environments addresses screen and printer color accuracy, puts monitor color in sync with printer output.

Digital photography - Christoph Gamper
“With the mushrooming digital photography and rapidly expanding home-office markets, we could not have picked a better time to introduce these products to consumers,” says Christoph Gamper, European General Manager for the ColorVision business unit of Datacolor. “Driven by award winning ColorVision technology, professional expertise is brought to consumer products at consumer price points.”

Datacolor ColorVision Spyder 2 PRO
ColorVision Spyder 2 PRO Studio 2.0, an advanced version of the award winning ColorVision Spyder2PRO Studio, will be unveiled at this year’s IFA. It provides digital professionals with the ultimate tool for color consistency for virtually all display and presentation methods. Among a variety of new features, the unique and most significant difference is that with CRT, LCD and notebook calibration capabilities, the Spyder2 PRO 2.0 Studio has the ability to color correct LCD & DLP multi media front projectors - with the precision, ease, and affordability that one expects from the color experts at ColorVision.

Datacolor - Global color marketing company
“The resources of an established global color marketing company like Datacolor, combined with award winning ColorVision technology, have allowed us to bring professional expertise to consumers at attractive price points. This is by far the hottest advancement in professional color correction tools for the consumer digital imaging market,” Gamper adds.

About Datacolor
Because color matters, leading businesses, creative professionals and consumers worldwide choose Datacolor’s innovative technology solutions to consistently achieve the right color. A Swiss-held company, Datacolor’s strong worldwide presence encompasses global manufacturing, operational facilities, and sales and support offices. ColorVision, the digital imaging unit of Datacolor, provides affordable, easy-to-use digital color control products to creative professionals, photographers, corporate customers and consumers around the world.

Posted: Fri - August 26, 2005 at 05:18 PM