Press Release: EFI Takes Proofing to Greater Heights with Colorproof XF New Features and Options; EFI Delivers Proofing Innovations with Colorproof XF Version 2.6

Aug. 31, 2005--EFI (Nasdaq:EFII), the world leader in digital imaging and print management solutions for commercial and enterprise printing, today announced new and enhanced features, including manual nesting, support for a wider variety of printers and file formats, and breakthrough Dot Creator and Fiery options, for EFI Colorproof(TM) XF. The result of EFI's development knowledge and resources, combined with the proofing expertise behind Best(TM) technology, Colorproof(TM) XF is the industry-acclaimed, highly scalable and versatile client/server-based proofing solution that turns inkjet and laser printers into powerful proofing devices. Colorproof XF Version 2.6 is ideal for virtually anyone needing absolute control over digital color. Accordingly, the market for this innovative solution encompasses digital, commercial and hybrid printers, pre-press service providers, newspaper and packaging printers, publishers, creative agencies and photographers.

World-leading advertising agency Foote Cone & Belding, consisting of more than 197 offices in 109 countries, deploys EFI Colorproof XF in its New York office for the benefit of such exacting clients as Diet Coke, Jello, HP, the IRS, Kraft, and Gevalia. "Colorproof XF is powerful, flexible and easy to use. It serves our company's proofing needs through its ability to drive an unlimited number of printers, the ICC profile tools and its color precision," said Julio Fernandez, director of creative technologies, Foote, Cone, & Belding.
The new Colorproof XF version delivers greater functionality, improved performance and ease of use, and new Colorproof XF options, Dot Creator and the Fiery Option -- all in addition to cross Windows(R) and Mac OS X platform support (client-only) and compatibility with the current JDF (Job Definition Format) standard for open job ticketing.
EFI Colorproof XF consists of several different components that can be joined together in different combinations to create basic or extended configurations. This modularity provides the end-user with complete flexibility, allowing individual customization to suit specific proofing requirements and the ability to add more functionality as needs expand. With tremendous technical advancements across several areas of the product, enhancements to Colorproof XF found in Version 2.6 include:
-- Manual nesting enables users to output any number of files
collectively as one single job. Saving considerable time,
paper, ink and money, users can work with process colors,
spot colors or combinations at the same time.
-- Support for a wider variety of printers, including the
latest Epson printers Stylus Pro 7400/7800 and 9400/9800,
the HP Designjet 30, 130 and 90, and the Canon
imagePROGRAF W6200, W6400 and W8400.
-- The new cropping function allows users to remove a section
of a page, to print only the area of interest.
-- Process colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black can be defined
as spot colors.
-- Support for two new file formats, JPEG 2000 and PSD, means
added flexibility in proof creation.
-- New Dot Creator Option
Composite or separated screened proofs and printouts can now be generated from continuous-tone data without using an image setter or plate setter RIP. The composite output shows a raster on the proof while the separated output function enables users to produce films or plate for production print on a standard DOD inkjet printer.
-- New Fiery Output Option
Harnessing the power of the Fiery color server, the industry leader renowned for precision color, consistent high quality output and workflow innovation, the new Fiery Output extends Colorproof XF proofing capabilities. The Fiery option allows users to use EFI's Best Color technology to accomplish linearizing, characterizing and color verifying on Fiery-driven devices. This option also enables users to deploy Fiery technology to create and control a multi-printer environment for content, contract and concept proofing and digital print production.
"Colorproof XF demonstrated superior performance at the recent annual IPA Proofing RoundUP -- competing with solutions from 13 other proofing technology companies -- and EFI's dedication to innovation means we continually provide greater value for our customers as they compete in a dynamic market with increasing demands," said Stefan Spiegel, senior product marketing manager, EFI. "The new version of Colorproof XF delivers even stronger functionality, stability and performance -- it's a sophisticated proofing system imperative for any environment where color matters."
EFI Colorproof XF Version 2.6 is now available through certified EFI dealers and distributors. See for a complete contact list. The new solution will be shown at Print 05, at Chicago's McCormick Place Sept. 9-15, EFI Booth 8315.
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EFI ( is the world leader in digital imaging and print management solutions for commercial and enterprise printing. EFI's award-winning technologies offer end to end, integrated document management tools from creation to print, including high fidelity color Fiery(R) print servers that can output up to 2000 ppm; superwide digital inkjet printers and UV and solvent inks capable of printing on flexible and rigid substrates; powerful print production workflow and management information software solutions for increased performance and cost efficiency; and an array of corporate printing solutions. EFI's integrated solutions connect seamlessly, delivering unbeatable performance, cost savings and increased productivity. EFI maintains 22 offices worldwide.
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Posted: Wed - August 31, 2005 at 04:56 PM