Press Release: ATP Announces Highest Capacity 1GB MMCmobile Cards

ATP Electronics Inc., a leading manufacturer of digital flash media products, today announced the release of 1GB MMCmobile flash cards.

The highest capacity 1GB MMCmobile cards allow for double the capacity of multimedia content such as video, music, photos, games, and ringtones to be held on a single card.

"The current generation mobile phone is offering mega-pixel photography, video recording, audio, gaming, and office application functionalities, but is still limited in storage capacity. This 1GB capacity will allow power users to unleash these functions, truly making their phones complete portable multimedia solutions. In addition to ATP’s MMCmobile lineup, our MMCplus and new MMCmicro lineups will continue to solidify ATP as the true leader in flash card performance and technology," said Danny Lin, ATP VP of Sales and Marketing. 

ATP MMCmobilecards are also compatible with mobile phones which require or can use dual voltage memory cards such as Nokia smartphones 6630, 6680, 6681, 6682, N90, and N70. This dual voltage (DV) feature allows for compatibility with devices running on the conventional 3.0V as well as with the dual voltage 3.0/1.8V devices. Low voltage translates to much lower power consumption, meaning a longer battery life without any compromise in multimedia function. 

At 24 x 18 x 1.4mm and about half the size of the MMCplus, the MMCmobile is a standard memory card format conforming to the specification v4.1 of the MultiMediaCard Association (MMCA). MMCmobile supports data bus width of 1/4/8 bits, 3/1.8V dual voltage, and is fully backward compatible with original MMC cards.

ATP’s new MMCmobile cards offer the same advanced features as ATP’s other flash card products offering ample protection from water, dust, ESD (electro-static discharge), and extreme temperatures ranging from –40C to 85C. This allows for versatility and durability rarely found today in flash memory cards. The 1GB MMCmobile product is available in sample quantities now, with mass production planned in October. 512MB, 256MB and 128MB MMCmobile cards are also currently available.

About ATP:
Founded in 1991, ATP (Advanced Technology & Packaging) Electronics, Inc. is a recognized leading manufacturer of high capacity flash digital media solutions as well as top quality memory module products. With strictly regulated ISO 9001 certified facilities and advanced technologies in memory packaging, flash card designs, testing and qualification, ATP differentiates itself from the competition, offering highly durable flash card solutions which in addition to high performance, offer protection from water/moisture, dust, static discharge, and extreme temperatures. High Speed, Weather Proof and Dependable Storage, ATP’s latest flash products feature 2GB MMC/SD, as well as 1GB miniSD, RS-MMC, Dual-Voltage (DV) RS-MMC, MMCplus, MMCmicro. For more information on ATP memory products, visit 

About MMCA:
The MMCA is the open standard memory card organization, promoting worldwide adoption of a postage-stamp size, removable storage card designed especially for mobile phones and digital imaging. Founded in 1998 with 14 companies, the MMCA has grown rapidly and now has over 210 members worldwide, representing all branches of mobile electronic applications, including card makers, semiconductor suppliers, software vendors and manufacturers of low power devices for storing and retrieving digital information. MMCA headquarters are located at PO Box 303, Sunol, CA 94586. More information is at 

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Posted: Wed - August 31, 2005 at 06:11 PM