Press Release: Nikon Introduces Coolpix S4

Nikon has demonstrated its innovative credentials with the introduction of the Nikon Coolpix S4, one of the new “S series” of highly portable Coolpix digital cameras. A stylish camera designed for active people, the Nikon S4 camera packs a high Megapixel count, a large LCD monitor and zoom capability into a swiveling body that allows independent movement of the lens and LCD sections. The Nikon Coolpix S4 features a 10x Zoom-Nikkor lens whose versatility in composition takes it beyond other cameras in its class. Its 38-380mm performance (35mm equivalent) gives the user the freedom to capture everything from extreme close-ups to architecture and landscapes.

Nikon S4 camera - 6 Megapixels
The swivel capability means you can shoot from the waist or overhead, and is great for composing high quality self-portraits. The Nikon S4 digital camera delivers the imaging capability of 6.0 effective Megapixels too, producing quality shots that remain impressive even when considerably enlarged. Despite offering such stunning imaging performance, the COOLPIX S4 is designed to fit comfortably in the hand, with the swiveling section neatly enclosing and protecting the powerful zoom lens and a zoom lever located on the top of the body for easy operation.

Nikon Coolpix S4 - Large display and D-Lighting
The Nikon Coolpix S4 also features a new grip design that boosts the user’s confidence when shooting. A large, bright 2.5-inch LCD makes it easy to compose pictures and simple to play back the results on the spot. The Coolpix S4 is designed to be highly portable, with a slim 37mm depth and a light weight of 205g. The Nikon Coolpix S4 makes it possible to improve recorded images in-camera with a range of unique Nikon functions. Available in Playback Mode, the ingenious D-Lighting function enables the user to ‘rescue’ shots taken with insufficient flash or excessive backlight. The user simply has to select the image in question and D-Lighting automatically creates a copy, but with enhanced detail and lighting wherever necessary.

Coolpix S4 camera - Face priority AF
In Portrait Mode, the S4 digital camera offers the handy Face-priority AF function, which can detect the presence of a human face in the shot. Once detected, Face-priority automatically achieves sharp focus on the face, producing pleasing portraits no matter where the subject was positioned in the shot. There’s also the benefit of In-Camera Red-Eye Fix, which automatically detects the unfortunate red-eye effect that can occur when taking portraits with flash, resulting in better quality portraits and more confident use of flash. The Nikon Coolpix S4 is equipped with a useful Blur Warning function, too. Alerting the user whenever a shot may have been compromised by camera shake, it provides a chance to take another image before the opportunity passes.

Nikon S4 digital camera - Scene modes
Taking fun and convenience further, the Coolpix S4 can be powered with a pair of AA-size batteries, which are widely available around the world in alkaline, lithium or other forms, making the camera well suited to travel. There’s also a selection of four Movie Modes offering up to 15 frames per second performance. Three of these modes also record sound, while the fourth is a Time-lapse movie function that allows the capture of action taking place over extended periods. A choice of 16 Scene Modes simplifies shooting in a wide range of common situations, allowing the user to select the icon that most closely matches the desired shot, then let the Nikon S4 camera select the optimal settings automatically for pleasing results. Four of these Scene Modes come with the added advantage of Scene Assist, which helps the user to achieve better composition. There’s also the Voice Recording Mode, which is highly useful in meetings and lectures (as well as a range of other circumstances) and can record up to 5 hours of sound when used with a 256MB Secure Digital card.

Nikon Coolpix S4 - Availability
The Coolpix S4 makes printing easy, too, thanks to its PictBridge compatibility, which allows the camera to be connected directly to compatible printers to produce photographs without the need for a computer. The camera offers USB connectivity, making it swift and easy to transfer data to computers and other peripherals. Furthermore, the Nikon Coolpix S4 comes complete with Nikon’s versatile PictureProject software so images can be edited, organized and shared simply using a wide range of easy-to-use functions. The Nikon S4 digital camera is scheduled for release in September 2005.

S4 digital camera - 10x optical zoom and 2.5-inch display
Equipped with a powerful 10x Zoom-Nikkor lens, the COOLPIX S4 offers far more compositional freedom than other compact cameras. In fact, delivering outstanding 38-380mm performance (35mm equivalent), it makes it easy for the photographer to capture a much broader range of subject matter — moving in for tightly composed portraits, zooming further out for stunning shots of architecture, or pulling right out to capture the full beauty of expansive scenery. The COOLPIX S4 is also equipped with a large, easy-to-view LCD that makes it easy to compose shots with clarity and play back the results right away. And because it’s so large and bright, it makes navigation of the menu much simpler too.

Nikon S4 camera - Dynamic swivel design
Not only is the lens of the Nikon S4 digital camera incredibly powerful, but it is also housed within a unique swiveling body that allows the lens to be directed independently of the LCD monitor. As a result, it provides new potential for taking pictures from a more imaginative range of angles, shooting from the hip, shooting from overhead, and allowing the photographer to point the lens and the LCD monitor in the same direction simultaneously to achieve self-portraits with more accurate composition.

Coolpix S4 digital camera - Easy to carry
The S4 digital camera is ideal for carrying and using virtually anywhere. Compact dimensions and a lightweight make it comfortable to hold in the hand and easy to carry. It’s also compatible with AA-size batteries, which are widely available around the world in alkaline, lithium and other forms, making it an excellent choice of camera to take when traveling.

Nikon S4 digital camera - Improve pictures in-camera
Equipped with a selection of unique Nikon functions, the Nikon Coolpix S4 even makes it easy to enhance recorded images in-camera. Available in Playback Mode, the D-Lighting function lets users improve images taken with insufficient flash or excessive backlight, creating a copy with automatically enhanced light and detail wherever necessary. Available in Portrait Mode, the ingenious Face-priority AF function has the power to detect faces within the frame, achieving sharp focus automatically no matter where the subject is located in the shot. The Nikon S4 also features In-Camera Red-Eye Fix. A welcome function when taking portraits at night, it corrects for the annoying red-eye effect sometimes caused by flash to produce better portraits in low light.

Nikon Coolpix S4 features
• Dimensions of 111.5 x 68.5 x 37mm (4.4 x 2.7 x 1.4 in.) (W x H x D)
• Minimized weight of approximately 205g (7.2 oz.) (without battery and memory card)
• BSS (Best Shot Selector)
• AE-BSS selects the best relative exposure from a series of shots
• Macro mode lets the user compose as close as 4cm from the subject
• Approx. 13.5MB internal memory
• Secure Digital support
• Time zone function makes it easy to set the camera’s clock to local time
• 4x digital zoom takes you even closer
• Single AF and Continuous AF are selectable in Movie Mode
• Choice of White Balance: Auto with TTL control, 5-mode manual
• Playback options: Single, 4- and 9-segment thumbnail, Slideshow
• Auto, Red-eye Reduction (In-Camera Red-Eye Fix), Anytime flash, Flash cancel and Slow sync. flash.

Posted: Thu - September 1, 2005 at 11:39 AM