PMA and PPFA respond to Hurricane Katrina with blogs, links to relief organizations

Photo Marketing Association International and the Professional Picture Framers Association have organized blog sites for members to share about their experiences, have access to relief organizations, and learn more about the impact Hurricane Katrina has had on members

The PMA site is The PPFA site is In addition to being a place where members can share their experiences or offer support, these two sites also will report any PMA or PPFA news in regards to the hurricane and the aftermath. For instance, following U.S. Postal Service directives, PMA has suspended all mailings within the zip code areas hit by Hurricane Katrina.

  On the two blog sites are also links to The Salvation Army, the American Red Cross, and Habitat for Humanity so that people have easy access for donations or information to some of the organizations that are leading the efforts to provide food, water, and assistance to those in areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. In addition, there is a link to Flickr and a slide show featuring some of the posted photos from Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath.


Posted: Sat - September 3, 2005 at 09:51 AM