Samsung Announces VP-MS15 digital multimedia camera

Let’s see, the previous post about Samsung’s VP-MS10 had a 5.25 mega-pixel CCD sensor on board, 3x optical zoom, a rather large 2.5” LCD display, built-in MP3 player, hi-quality VGA recording @ 30 fps, 512MB built-in memory, an SD expansion slot should you prefer to store up to 1GB of data, is a portable hard drive via its versatile USB 2.0 port…Is the additional 79 Euros one has to slap down for the VP-MS15 as compared to the VP-MS10 worth it for an extra 448MB of built-in memory? Is Samsung taking the consumers for a ride?

Source: Ubergizmo


Posted: Mon - September 5, 2005 at 08:39 AM