Press Release: UMAX Technologies Drops the Price of Its Most Popular Scanners by as much as $300; Company Launches Aggressive Pricing Strategy on Three PowerLook, Newest Astra Models

Sept. 6, 2005--UMAX Technologies today announced that it is dropping the price of its most popular models, with up to $300 off its PowerLook 1000, 1120 and 2100XL configurations and $30 off the newest Astra 6700. This move comes less than a month after the company announced a full line up of new consumer electronics including drawing tablets, mini hard drives, flash drives, and MP3 players.

"These price drops make our award winning scanners even more competitive to help expand UMAX's presence in design agencies, photography studios, business offices and consumer homes," said Christabel Chen, director of marketing at UMAX Technologies. "Our scanners provide industry-leading, out-of-the-box solutions for professionals, prosumers, or enthusiasts in all applications including graphic design, photo editing, photography and digital imaging, scrapbooking, and file digitization -- at our most affordable prices to date."
The new prices are as follows:

PowerLook 1000 w/ SilverFast SE $299, was $399
PowerLook 1000 w/ PhotoPerfect RGB $449, was $599
PowerLook 1000 w/ SilverFast AI $649, was $899

PowerLook 1120 w/ SilverFast SE $499, was $699
PowerLook 1120 w/ PhotoPerfect RGB $699, was $899
PowerLook 1120 w/ SilverFast AI $899, was $1199

PowerLook 2100XL w/ SilverFast SE $1099 (unchanged)
PowerLook 2100XL w/ PhotoPerfect RGB $1299 (unchanged)
PowerLook 2100XL w/ SilverFast AI $1499, was $1599

Astra 6700 $119, was $149.95
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UMAX Technologies, Inc. is a technology leader in the design and distribution of a full line of imaging products and consumer electronics. The company maintains its leadership position in the imaging market with a broad line of consumer and professional flatbed, document fed and film scanners. UMAX is located at 10460 Brockwood Drive, Dallas, Texas, 75238. For more product information please visit us at:

Posted: Tue - September 6, 2005 at 09:24 AM