Press Release: SilverFast with several new features and availability for Topaz Scanners

Sept. 7, 2005--Building on its advanced line of award-winning scanning/imaging software LaserSoft Imaging is releasing SilverFast with new features. These exciting additions are designed to meet today's most demanding scanning and imaging requirements, while delivering a level of seamless integration and reliability that will continue to provide even more powerful editing tools to users. The company has also released scan software for Heidelberg Topaz scanners.

Automatic De-screening allows automatic scanning of preprinted materials without the trouble of
measuring the original LPI (lines per inch), thus eliminating noticeable moire patterns. Saves time when
original digital art may be lost and only the printed piece remains for reproduction.
Noise Reduction Multi-Sampling with new patented Auto Alignment eliminates noise in shadow areas
of scans bringing your scanner to a higher quality level by extending the usable dynamic range capturing
more detail and making scans sharper and clearer in shadows.
PrinTao is the new professional printing function which allows page layout functionality for images and
text. Position images anywhere on the page - crop and resize while viewing an optimal resolution gauge
which shows if the photo is still in a usable range for print or web.
Here are some of SilverFast‘s Highlights:
• Barcode Controlled IT8 Calibration
• Intelligent Auto Adjust Color
• Adaptive Colour Restoration
• Selective Colour Correction
• Auto Adaptive Contrast Optimization
• Automatic De-screening
• Negafix Negative Film Conversion
• SRD - Smart Removal of Defects
• Job Manager
• Integrated Quicktime Tutorials
Here is what some of our customers are saying:
“The new multisampling feature in SilverFast Ai Studio appears in my testing to be a real breakthrough. It would be
hard to surpass the noise reduction of SF Ai Studio.”
- John Hennessey-
“SilverFast has been an "absolute must" with ALL my photo work for magazines and clients! I cannot think of scanning
without it. ... and I believe that when you have software such as SilverFast, you can scan on anything and get great
scans. As added proof, I've enclosed jpeg images from the actual "tearsheets" of my work for Harper's Baza ar, Marie
Claire Magazine, Britney Spears/Pepsi, and Chicago Magazine. ALL of these photographs were scanned using Silverfast
software”! - David Anthony -
About the Company: LaserSoft Imaging was founded in 1986 by physicist Karl-Heinz Zahorsky who developed the
concept of SilverFast in Kiel, Germany. Today SilverFast is regarded as the standard software for scanners and
digital cameras for both beginners and professionals. SilverFast is bundled with major manufacturers such as Canon,
Cruse, Epson, HP, Leica Camera, Mediax, Microtek, Pacific Image Electronics, Pentacon Camera, Plustek, Quatographic,
Reflecta, Umax and others.

Posted: Wed - September 7, 2005 at 08:23 PM