Lyson Inks Alert

Dear Lyson Customer

Lyson have recently experienced some runability issues with the Fotonic full black and light black ink products, and, in some very isolated cases, with the Quad Black and Daylight Darkroom full black ink products. Fortunately, this problem was identified internally and most affected ink batches were succesfully quarantined, but small amounts have been supplied to external customers. We are estimating that this problem will affect two or three dozen users out of our registered UK customer base of over 10,000 ink customers.

The affected ink batches were only supplied in bulk formats ( 125ml / 1 litre bottle ).
The relevant batch numbers are listed below.








We would ask you to kindly check the batch numbers of the inks you have currently installed in the CIS unit in your printer(s), or those that you have in your own stock. If you have any of the listted batch numbers please notify Lyson or your supplier and provide the quantity, part code reference and batch number, and the ink will be replaced.

If you are experiencing any printing problems and have any of these batches of ink currently installed in your CIS unit, please contact your supplier or Lyson for a full resolution to these problems. We would like to assure you again that this has only applied to a very small minority of Lyson ink users, and it is very unlikely you have received this ink, but please do take the time to check.

Lyson would like to apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Stephen Martinson
Product Manager
Lyson Limited

Posted: Thu - September 8, 2005 at 11:24 AM