September 8, 2005, NY, NY – The International Photographic Council (IPC), a multinational non-profit organization of the United Nations dedicated to increasing worldwide recognition of photography, announced today that it has appointed Karen Thomas, President of Thomas Public Relations, Inc., the leading public relations agency for photography and digital imaging companies, to its board of directors. 

Ms. Thomas was selected to join the board because of her leadership position in public relations and branding for photography companies, with a 10-year history of hit PR campaigns for companies such as Olympus, Foveon, Magix, Lexar Media, Concord Camera,, Digitalcustom, Arcsoft, and many more. Other IPC directors include James Chung, President, IPC; Kathy Schneider, Cygnus; Anna Marie Bakker, Nikon; Christian Erhardt, Leica; Matt Knickerbocker, Fuji; and Peter Lebovitz; as well as other leading photography company representatives.

Ms. Thomas will build awareness and generate publicity for IPC and its non-profit activities, which include international student photography scholarships and professional photography events, such as the annual International Professional Photographers’ Awards held each May and the IPC Hall of Fame Awards for lifetime achievement. 

“We are excited to have the expertise and experience of Karen Thomas on the board and are looking forward to working with her to get out IPC’s message of understanding international cultures through photography,” said James Chung, President, IPC.

About the International Photographic Council

Founded in 1974, the International Photographic Council (IPC) is a multinational non-governmental organization of the United Nations, comprised of representatives from every major sector of the photographic industry. It is dedicated to increasing worldwide recognition of photography as a universal means of communication through the adoption of a motto: “Peace through understanding. Understanding through photography -- the universal language.” For more information or to join IPC, contact: <> or Website:  <> .

About Thomas Public Relations, Inc.

Thomas PRÒ is the agency of choice for technology companies to turn to for fast results, placing thousands of articles and winning over 500 awards for its clients. Thomas PR has also won numerous awards for its PR services, including “Best Industry Press Conference” from Marketing Computers Magazine, “5 Star Rating” from Positive Image News, and accolades from PR Intelligence, NextGenelectronics, NTS News and more. Thomas PR President Karen Thomas was named one of “Five People to Watch,” by Newsday.

Thomas PR Client Quotes:

“Karen Thomas knows.  She knows the industry, the insiders, the press and the issues – and delivers great exposure on message,” said Eric Zarakov, VP Marketing Communications, Foveon Inc.

“I have relied on the effectiveness, thoroughness, and professionalism of Thomas PR for over ten years. If you need to launch a PR campaign, the first person and firm I would call would be Karen Thomas at Thomas PR,” said Jack Peterson, President, Kidz Gear and previously VP of Sales & Marketing, Lexar Media.

For more information, contact Karen Thomas, Thomas Public Relations, 33 Walt Whitman Rd #207, Huntington Station, NY 11746 (631) 549-7575 email: <> web site: <>

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Posted: Thu - September 8, 2005 at 03:33 PM