Press Release: Anyone Who Edits Digital Photos, Enjoys a Home Theater PC, or Plays PC Games Needs ATI's Avivo'TM

Sept. 20, 2005 You'll never look at your PC the same way again, once you've seen a computer with Avivo(TM) from ATI Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:ATYT) (TSX:ATY). Avivo includes hardware and software technologies that refine video capture and playback, and greatly improve display quality. Computers with Avivo provide much more accurate color reproduction than other PCs - they can display 64 times as many colors - and so are essential for anyone editing photos or viewing video.

In addition, Avivo makes PC games look stunning on any current display and the superb image quality gives Avivo users the gaming edge.
All digital photo and video files are processed through a series of steps before being displayed on PC monitors. A flaw in any one of these steps will produce a less accurate video or image. ATI's Avivo refines all of the steps to ensure the best photo and video experience:

-- Using today's current computer architecture, Avivo delivers flawless video playback by supporting hardware MPEG-2 compression, hardware assisted decode of MPEG-2, H.264 and VC-1 video codecs, and advanced display upscaling

-- 64 times the number of colors currently available in current PCs for amazingly vibrant images that are more accurate with higher color fidelity with unprecedented 10-bit processing throughout Avivo's display engine

-- Extreme resolutions, such as 2560 by 1600 or higher, on the latest digital displays using dual-link DVI, as well as high color depth support over DVI

-- Industry-first advanced up or down resolution scaling for high quality viewing on any flat panel display using ATI's unique solutions never before implemented on the PC

-- Accurate video capture with features like 3D comb filtering (a feature previously limited to high-end televisions), front-end video scaling, and hardware MPEG video compression

-- True-to-life image reproduction for TV programs with hardware noise reduction and 12-bit analog-to-digital conversion for high-quality video capture

-- Universal connectivity to support standard TV, HDTV, video input and all PC displays via digital (DVI, HDMI(TM)) and analog (VGA, Component, S-Video, composite) ports

"ATI's Avivo will revolutionize the PC in the same way that high-definition revolutionized television," said Rick Bergman, Senior Vice President, PC Business Unit, ATI Technologies. "As the world's leading supplier of reception and display solutions for high end digital televisions, ATI is delivering the world's leading video and display technologies to the PC. ATI's Avivo benefits anyone who edits digital photos, enjoys a home theater PC, or plays PC games."

ATI's Avivo is receiving acclaim from a wide variety of industry leaders.

"ATI's new Avivo will play a key role in enabling life-like visual fidelity all the way from content creation to consumption," said Bob Brewer, Corporate Vice President, Desktop Marketing Segment, Microprocessor Solutions Sector, AMD. "We are diligently working alongside ATI to help our customers offer powerful PCs for a truly rich photo and video experience."

"Cyberlink is proud to work with ATI - a recognized leader in PC graphics solutions," said Alice H. Chang, CEO of Cyberlink Corp. "ATI's Avivo is the next step in the evolution of PC video and display that consumers are demanding. Together with our leading video and audio software technology, ATI's Avivo will provide users with true-to-life video experiences for the PC."

"ATI has been a valuable strategic partner for many years, and we're pleased to extend our relationship by working with them on the development of new Avivo solutions," said Mike Ling, InterVideo VP of Marketing. "With InterVideo's superior codec technology and ATI's innovative video and display technology, we can deliver a new level of playback performance and visual quality on the PC."

"ATI's Avivo enhances the fully integrated digital entertainment experiences Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 offers with rich video and display features," said Dave Mendlen, director of Windows XP products at Microsoft Corp. "The unique features that Avivo brings to the home theater enable users to connect more display devices with ease while watching the highest quality video programming."

Avivo will be an integral component in all of ATI's upcoming desktop, mobile, chipset, workstation, and software products. For more information about Avivo, please visit

Posted: Wed - September 21, 2005 at 08:59 AM