Press Release: IPIX Statement on Termination of NMI Relationship

IPIX Corporation (Nasdaq: IPIX), a premier supplier of digital surveillance and immersive imaging solutions, issued the following announcement today on the decision to terminate its relationship with NMI:

"After due consideration, IPIX Corporation has terminated NMI's exclusive
arrangement to operate in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy and Switzerland.
However, it continues to have a non-exclusive contract for the territories in
which it operates. IPIX made this decision after NMI was unable to effectively
sell products or find resellers with its distribution channels."

IPIX is in discussions with several large international distributors that
have come forward to offer their resources and experience to penetrate the
European security market.

About IPIX
IPIX Corporation is a premium provider of immersive imaging products for
government and commercial applications. We combine experience, patented
technology and strategic partnerships to deliver visual intelligence solutions
worldwide. Our immersive, 360-degree imaging technology has been used to
create high-resolution digital still photography and video products for
surveillance, visual documentation and forensic analysis.

Posted: Wed - September 28, 2005 at 04:19 PM