Press Release: Media West Announces New Instructional DVD Program On Basic Photography

Media West Home Video announces the release of a new instructional
DVD program "Learn Photography, Film & Digital". This 90 minute DVD is the starting point for any person person wanting to learn the fundamentals of photography.

"Learn Photography, Film & Digital" contains 16 instructional lessons and 38 key
photographic concepts of basic photography. The program contains hundreds of
illustrations and photo graphics that will help the viewer better understand these concepts.
Whether you are new to photography or just trying to master your first camera, this program
provides a step-by-step path to success. This interactive program will help develop good
basic photographic techniques and provides inspiration on starting to 'see' photographic
images that are all around us. Once you have mastered the basics you can begin shooting
more effective and creative pictures. Outstanding images are as unique as the finger print
of the photographer who crafted them!

For those who teach photography the DVD includes text files in both the Word & PDF
format that include: Teachers Guide (Objectivies, Highlights & Timing, Major Instructional
Points, Quick Quiz (30 multiple choice questions) & Answer Key, Key Concept List (38
concepts), and Photographic Glossary.

Brian D. Ratty, internationally known photographer and educator hosts "Learn Photography,
Film & Digital". Mr. Ratty is a graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography and holds an
Honorary Master of Science Degree.

"Learn Photography, Film & Digital" (ISBN 0-9740965-3-9) can be purchased, MSRP
$39.95, from photographic catalogs, school suppliers, library suppliers and photo retailers.
Price includes public performance rights for schools & libraries. For more information on this
new DVD program please click to:

Media West Home Video has been in business since 1972 and is a major producer and
distrbutior of instructional materials on photography and pet care. The company's
photography programs, 'Digital Photography' (3 DVD's) and the 'On Assignment' series (9
Videos) and the 'Easy Photography' series (2 Videos) are in distribution in 14 different
countries in 8 different languages. The company also has an instructional photographic web
site at:

Posted: Wed - June 22, 2005 at 01:25 PM