Delkin Devices, Inc., maker of premium quality eFilm memory cards and other innovative digital photography products, today introduced inkjet printable versions of its popular eFilm Archival Gold "300-Year" CD-R.  The eFilm Inkjet Archival Gold CD-R is now shipping to distributors and resellers all over the world.

"Camera store dealers need to publicize their business every way they can. Now when their customers pick up pictures and digital files, the dealer can provide a museum quality CD-R with a label that tells everyone where to get top quality products and services,” explains Martin Wood, CEO of Delkin Devices, Inc. "Research indicates the number one reason consumers take digital images is to preserve their precious memories. eFilm Archival Gold CD-R's ensure that their precious memories are safe for years to come, and that assurance is found at their local camera store."

Many camera stores and mini-labs already use high quality inkjet printers, as the Primera Z6 inkjet CD/DVD printer, for commercial purposes. Offering a museum quality CD-R such as the Inkjet Archival CD-R as an option for their customers provides these resellers a competitive advantage over the mass merchandisers. eFilm Archival Gold CD-R met enthusiastic acceptance when it was released last fall, which makes it a natural choice for the photography market’s inkjet requirements.

Consumers enjoy personalizing their own CD-Rs, which is another factor Delkin considered in bringing the Inkjet Archival Gold CD-R to market. The advent of good quality, inexpensive consumer printers such as Epson’s Stylus Photo R200, R300, R320 and others drive more and more people to look for CD-Rs they can print their own designs on. The eFilm Archival Gold CD-R is a unique product that brings repeat business to the camera store, since it’s not available at the mass merchandisers.

eFilm Inkjet Archival Gold CD-R's incorporate patented Phthalocyanine (thalo-sy-a-neen) dye and a 24k gold reflective layer into every CD-R. The innovative materials found in eFilm Inkjet Archival Gold CD-R's make them among the most reliable storage media available. Other CD-R's may deteriorate quickly due to common environmental factors: ultra violet light, heat, and humidity. Results of an accelerated aging process used to test the longevity of CD-R media show eFilm Inkjet Archival Gold CD-R's may safely store images for more than 300 years.

The patented Phthalocyanine dye is the most critical component of the CD-R because it is where data is stored. A CD-R burner creates pits in the dye layer when it burns a CD-R, storing digital information in these pits. The Phthalocyanine dye reacts quicker to the writing laser compared to dyes found in most CD-R's, thus making sharper pit edges and a CD-R easier to read by CD drives. Compared to Cyanine and Azo dyes found in the majority of CD-R's on the market, Phthalocyanine dye lasts significantly longer when subjected to the harmful effects of UV light, heat, and humidity.

Gold is one of the most inert and expensive elements on earth. Thirty percent of Delkin’s cost to produce every eFilm Archival Gold disc is due to the use of 24 karat gold. Gold's inert characteristics prevent oxidation, a common cause of failure to most CD-Rs. Along with the
Phthalocyanine dye and gold reflective layer, eFilm Archival Gold CD-R's provide the most reliable protection for digital images from environmental degradation.

"People used to save their photos in family albums and store their negatives in a safe place for reprints," says Wood. "In the digital age, people store their photos on their computer. With the volatility of computer hard drives and the constant threat of virus attacks, we wanted to provide consumers with the most reliable storage medium available to back up their images." Delkin’s white paper discussing the details of CD-R media is available at <>

Delkin begins shipping Inkjet eFilm Archival Gold CD-R's today. All Inkjet versions of the Archival Gold line have an attractive packaging design easily distinguishable from the existing Archival Gold product line. The CD-R 10 Pack is sold in a protective plastic case that holds 10 CD-R's in polypropylene sleeves. Other packaging options include a 1" binder available with 16 each eFilm Archival Gold CD-R's in protective sleeves, a 25 pack in a cake box type spindle, and 100 pack CD-R's in both retail and bulk packaging. Archival Gold products are available at photography and electronic stores worldwide, and online at <> Reseller inquiries are welcome at Delkin Devices, Inc.’s sales department, (800) 637-8087 or (858) 391-1234.

Delkin Devices, Inc., based in Poway, California, has been providing a broad range of products with premium quality, innovative designs and an ongoing dedication to superior customer service since 1986. Delkin Devices, and its products, have become worldwide industry leaders in both OEM and consumer markets. eFilm is a leading choice among professional photographers and others passionate about digital photography. eFilm is available worldwide through a network of independent camera stores and online at Delkin Devices’ website at

Posted: Mon - June 13, 2005 at 05:21 PM