Zoom in closer with the new HP Photosmart R817 and R818 Digital Cameras

P today announced the launch of the HP Photosmart R817 and R818 Digital Cameras. Featuring a powerful Pentax 5x optical lens, 5.1 megapixel (MP) resolution and new intuitive HP Real Life technologies, these cameras make it easy for all photographers to capture unique detail in every picture.

With the HP sculpted wave style finger grip and sleek stainless steel finish these cameras are contoured to sit perfectly in the consumer's hand. The HP Photosmart R817 comes with a bold silver finish to compliment the cameras' smooth curves, whilst the R818 model comes with a dark midnight grey metallic finish for the fashion or design conscious consumer.

These cameras advanced features include multi-zone auto focus for crisp accurate shots. Users are able to select shutter or aperture priority, or choose to take greater control by working within the ‘full manual mode’ in light sensitive situations, in order to capture more creative photographs. Both cameras have an impressive 40x total zoom (5x digital, 8x optical) and the large 5.1 cm LCD screen, which features on both cameras, makes it simple to quickly view images, indoors and out, allowing users to check their shots as soon as they are taken.

New modes

A choice of 15 unique shooting modes including action, landscape, beach and theatre mode, gives users a definitive solution for any scenario. The new 'theatre mode', for example, makes it easier to capture correctly exposed true-to-life photographs of concerts and performances at the touch of a button. Photographers can use this feature together with the extended zoom to get up close and personal, no matter where they are sitting.

In addition, these cameras benefit from a host of new and exclusive HP Real Life technologies. These landmark features include the new HP In-camera Panorama stitching, which allows users to 'stitch' together multi-shot photos of landscapes and sequences in the camera. The camera can seamlessly stitch up to 5 photos together, without the use of a PC, to create a single photo for easy printing. Panorama photos can then be previewed on the camera’s large LCD screen, allowing users to confirm that they’ve captured their desired shot.

Both models are also equipped with a 'video mode', making it possible to capture the sights and sounds of every moment with picture perfect quality. Often, when reviewing video, photographers have a desire to extract specific frames or stills from the moving images. The HP Photosmart R817 and R818 Digital Cameras make it possible for users to print ‘stills’ directly from video footage, without the need for a PC. Users can extract, print and share any of the moving pictures as single frame photographs.

Other HP Real Life technologies featured on these cameras include HP Adaptive Lighting Technology, which automatically brightens selected areas of high contrast photos to give brighter, more true-to-life shots. Also, HP In-Camera Red-Eye Removal ensures that all photos taken turn out flawless, by amending the images whilst they are still in the camera, without the aid of a PC or additional software.With all of the functionality of the HP Photosmart R817 Digital Camera, the R818 model comes bundled with the HP Photosmart R-Series Docking Station, the HP Photosmart R-Series camera sleeve and an additional Lithium-Ion battery.

Waterproof housing

To protect the camera, wherever it goes, users can purchase the new optional HP Photosmart Scuba/Underwater Camera Case (Q6218A). This brilliantly engineered housing allows users to travel to previously unexplored depths of up to 40 metres (130 feet). The innovative ‘snap-on’ design gives users unrestricted access to all the functions of the camera, including the zoom, LCD screen and flash.

Additional accessories:

The camera can be purchased with or without an optional HP Photosmart R-Series Digital Camera Docking station, which creates a quick connection to both a PC and Mac. Using HP Instant Share software the dock makes it easy to download, print and email images straight from the camera. This multi-functional docking station can recharge the Lithium-Ion battery while it’s in the camera, as well as providing an extra charging bay for a second battery that is included with the dock. The dock can also be connected to a TV to allow easy viewing of photos as a slideshow using the ultra-slim remote control.

For more day-to-day protection, users can purchase the optional HP Photosmart R-Series Weather-Resistant Jacket (Q6215A) to protect the camera. Offering a strong outer layer, this jacket in no way reduces the functionality of the camera, working instead to protect its sleek sharp looks from the bumps and bruises of everyday use.

The HP Photosmart R817 Digital Camera is available bundled with the HP Photosmart R-Series Docking Station (L2033A) at a recommended street price of £349* or can be purchased on its own (L2031A) for £299*. Shipping date – end July 2005

The HP Photosmart R818 Digital Camera is available bundled with the HP Photosmart R-Series Docking Station (L2036A) for £399*. Shipping date – end August 2005

* Estimated price including VAT

Posted: Wed - June 1, 2005 at 11:01 AM