LEICA ANGLE VIEWFINDER M: Leica Announces Addition to the Leica-M System

Leica Camera has added an addition to the Leica M-system, the Angle Viewfinder M. The Leica Angle Viewfinder M can be used on all Leica M models except the first M3-series (produced in 1954.)

The Leica Angle Viewfinder M shows a large, round, upright and un-reversed central section of the viewfinder image of approximately .3 inches or 8.7mm. The freely rotatable 45 degree eyepiece allows subjects to be viewed easier in all situations, especially where the photographer does not want to hold the camera directly in front of his/her eye, for example during reproductions. More comfortable posture is allowed when shooting close-ups near the ground with the Leica Macro-Elmar M 90mm f/4. When necessary, the Leica Angle Viewfinder can be outfitted with any Leica dioptre correction lens or the 1.25x Viewfinder magnifier. This VF magnifier is most beneficial with a long focal lens (starting at 75mm).

The Angle Viewfinder has a weight of just 1.5 oz and is only available with a black chrome finish. When not in use the Angle Viewfinder M can be stored in a matching high-grade leather case. The Angle Viewfinder M will also be included in a set consisting of the Leica Macro-Elmar M 90mm f/4 and the Macro adapter.

With the Leica Macro-Elmar M 90mm f/4, Leica is offering a compact and versatile telephoto lens. The lens’ optical correction was specifically optimized for the complete distance range of close-up to infinity.

The combination of the Leica Macro-Adapter M and the Leica Macro-Elmer-M 90mm f/4 allows close-ups with reproduction ratios of up to 1:3. The Leica Macro-Elmer-M 90mm f/4 is a universally applicable lens in the medium telephoto range, but also a macro lens that exhibits excellent image quality in the close-up range.

The Leica Angle Viewfinder M is currently available at authorized Leica dealers.

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Posted: Sat - June 11, 2005 at 10:58 AM