Press Release: Huge Leap Forward For Photoshop Cut-outs With Vertus’ Fluid Mask

A new Photoshop plug-in tool has been released which takes image masking and cutting-out to new levels.

Vertus’ Fluid Mask is a tool that allows a user to accurately cut out objects from images in a matter of seconds. It is based around breakthrough technology which is similar to the way the eye, optic nerve and brain perform visual processing.

When an image is loaded, Fluid Mask’s engine analyses the distribution of colors, finding the natural groups according to the content of the image. Together with information calculated about edges, gradients and texture a model is constructed which divides the images into regions.

The initial processing of the image provides data which is used as a management layer, called the Image Information Layer (IIL). Fluid Mask is unique in the way it creates and works on this image information layer, making the process of masking and cutting out images faster and more accurate.

The tool is aimed at graphic artists within design agencies, catalogue houses and publishing houses who regularly cut-out images.

Fluid Mask’s intelligent paint tools enable objects to be cut out quickly and easily. Often a single brush stroke is all that’s required to identify an object’s edges. It has been calculated that Fluid Mask is on overage three times faster than any other method of accurately cutting out objects.*

There is no need for manual blending and chipping tools as Fluid Mask automatically detects color transitions between shapes and naturally blends their edges.

Progress can be checked as you work with the unique and intuitive Test Render function.

The Regional Editor and Color Palette provide total color/pixel control over the most complex cut-outs allowing the user to work at levels of detail that were previously not available.

Fluid Mask for the Macintosh is now available. A PC version will be released next month. Fluid Mask costs $499 and users will receive free upgrades for the first six months after purchasing the product.

Posted: Tue - July 19, 2005 at 09:49 AM