Polaroid to Shutter Photo Site

Polaroid Corp. is pulling out of the online photo processing market less than a year after entering it, the company confirmed. The instant photo pioneer launched PolaroidPics.com, a Web site where customers could order prints of digital photos, in early February, long after many other companies had established similar sites.

Polaroid sent e-mail notices to members yesterday announcing its service would be shut down on Sept. 30.

     "Online photo processing is a crowded, competitive category with very thin margins," Polaroid spokesman Skip Colcord said yesterday. "We decided to focus our resources in other areas where the potential for profitability is greater, primarily in instant film."

     In the notice, Polaroid said any pending photo orders would be shipped as promised. It will accept final photo orders through Sept. 12.

     Customers can retrieve any images stored on the site until Sept. 29.

Source: MetroWest Daily News

Posted: Fri - September 9, 2005 at 10:28 AM